Carolyn Strong

Experienced adventurer and outdoor photographer.

work with CAROLYN

 Be brave.  Be wild.  And stay forever hungry for love, art, knowledge and adventure.  ~erin van vuren

Hey there!   
I'm Carolyn and I'm so glad your here! To get right to the nitty gritty- photography soothes my soul.  
I've loved art in all forms ever since I can remember.  I earned a degree in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico, and then built a business that taught art to elementary aged kids (800 kids a week and 35 teachers on staff), drawing and painting.  I loved it, but missed creating my own art and wanted to work with real people in extraordinary locations.  
So...I studied with NatGeo photographers in Iceland in 2020 and that was it!  I've been behind the lens since then. To be able to capture those moments of open, honest, and authentic emotion in the pristine landscape(s) of the southwest, is truly a privilege.  
I'm a fan of summitting mountains, backpacking, star gazing, holding hands, the smell of campfires and 'smores.  I adore jumping into icy cold waterfalls, and trying new things.  I thrive in environments where change is the only constant, (which is the norm in photography)...from the changing light, weather, and emotions that are as transmutable as the clouds in the sky.  
Please join me for love, light and laughter the next time you want to capture those irreplaceable moments.